BBQ Dinner at Riverway Clubhouse

Check out Riverway Clubhouse if you’re in the South Burnaby area and are looking for a good dinner option at a great price!

The Riverway Clubhouse in Burnaby is just a quick drive away from us. We’ve dined there a couple of times in the past and thought their food was similar to restaurants like Cactus Club or Earls, but with fewer choices on the menu. Recently we stopped by again for dinner and was surprised that they offer 2 different 3-course dinners for $25. On Tuesdays and Wednesdays, there is a 3-course dinner where you get to choose a dish for each course. On Thursdays and Fridays, they have a BBQ 3-course special with choice of salad or soup for starter. We went on a Friday so featured below is Riverway Clubhouse’s BBQ 3-course special.
Check out our dinner with this video then read on for more!

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Unagi no Seiromushi – Steamed Eel Rice

If you like unagi-don, then you must try this steamed eel rice, one of Yanagawa’s specialty cuisines, when visiting Fukuoka.

Yanagawa is about 1.5 hours train ride from Hakata, making it perfect for a day trip. There were two reasons why I put Yanagawa in our itinerary: one was the boat ride through the canals, and the other is the local speciality steamed unagi (eel) rice. After our 70 minutes boat ride, we were eager to eat some delicious eel rice for lunch!

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Sake no Kyushu – Sake Bar in Hakata JR Station

Try rice wine from different regions in Kyushu at this stand-up sake bar!

I love drinking sake, and one of my best experience was visiting a sake bar in Tokyo that had over 100 selections from different regions in Japan. When I saw this sake bar under the Hakata station called Sake no Kyushu, I was interested in trying it. Though Sake no Kyushu was much smaller in comparison, from the Japanese signage outside, we can tell it specialized in Kyushu sake. Continue reading “Sake no Kyushu – Sake Bar in Hakata JR Station”