About The Hungry Pedestrians

We’re just ordinary folks that love to eat and travel. Over the years, we’ve been eating around our hometown Vancouver, BC, and have been giving restaurant recommendations to family and friends. After doing it for so many years, we finally decided to document our dining adventures so we can share our findings with others food lovers outside our family/friends circle.

We’ve also been asked a lot about our travels. Why we chose certain places to visit and how we do our research on what to see and do. Through this blog, we’ll share our travel stories which we hope will help answer common questions and inspire others to visit places that we’ve enjoyed.

Please keep in mind that we’re not food critics or travel writers. You will not find “must-eat” dishes or “must-see” sights here. What you’ll get is our genuine opinion about food, restaurants and local attractions.

Little Facts About “The Pedestrians”:

Al: A borderline otaku who has a fondness to optimize things he does, whether at work or for hobbies. Al enjoys playing tabletop and video games, building Lego, walking his dog, and making Gundam models. Toys, sake bars, cute animals and good eats are right up his alley. Al likes to travel but lets Jan do all the research because “the wife is always right”.

Jan: A cancer survivor with a passion for food, photography and travel. Jan is the main driver of this blog and the one responsible for finding interesting tidbits and hidden gems. She learns about different cultures through her stomach and takes inspirations for her cooking from the meals she ate abroad. Jan loves going to Japan and is usually the sole planner for the Japan/Asia trips.

Ken: Al’s twin that likes to travel solo and take advantage of local tours. Ken enjoys trying different types of experiences such as visiting ancient ruins, homestaying with the indigenous people, and learning about local specialties. He’s the one you can count on to try weird things and bring back “interesting” souvenirs. While Ken plans his own travels, when he’s on a trip with Al and Jan, he let Jan do the planning.